Full of sauce
I am the sauce boss

You are a tart..admit it

Hello Diary friend...you saucy tart you.

Things here are...hmmm..restfull. That is a good thing.

Class reunion around the frickin corner.

SOOOO not going to go to that. Those assholes were asking me to plan the whole thing for years. I have not lived in that area for like 7 years.

A huge bunch of mormon tools.

What do you want to bet that I will get bullied into it?

Screw that.

I am 28 years old.

I am the person that tells me where to go and how to get there.

No one else.

Well DJ can...but that is IT!!

On a lighter note...we got Kelly a guitar for her birthday..I probably told you that already.

She is actually really good at it.

Pictures to come in the future of her playing it.

Did I ever tell you that I practailly turned a vixen into a kindergarden teacher?

I did.

When Super pea was here...we got bored.

So we started to color.


You do not know any other 20 somethings that color with bright wax crayons in their spare time????


You haven't lived!

I sense the doubt in your heart.

How could one person do this?

Well..I call it pure talent..

not mine, hers really...

Here is photographic evidence of her cutie pie ways.

She drew Kelly tastey fruits and veggies...and then a sweet ass farm.

Seriously..it was effortless and high on the talented with crayolas.

I think that she should seriously draw for kids books...I told her this..it is not a secret now.

Kelly adores them...yes they are on my fridge.

Wanna make something of it bucko?

So, all in all I bored the crap out of the vixen of vixens of the blog world...and turned her into Shel Silverstein...

Who I think rules by the way.

Anyone else wanna fight???

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