Full of sauce
I am the sauce boss

In a funk


Deej is over at Jess's house.

I am here with Kelly.

Oh Diary, I wish that you were not out at a club tonight. We could be watching dvd's and laughing at random lame myspace profiles.


I have not written to you in a loooong time.

I have felt just really anti-social.

This is not something new.

I have been feeling this way more and more for the last year of so.

It is getting to be that I can not even bear to anwser my phone.

I did not used to be this way at all.

What can I do to stop feeling like this?

People want to hang out...
want us to go and party..
or just to chat on the phone.

I have said no to all of the above.

Now everyone thinks that I am either a bitch or crazy.

Shit...maybe I am both!!!

And now a pause from my lame assed rant with a picture of Kelly painting with water colors.

There, that feels better.

I just realized that I have not taken pics of Kelly in forever.

That is weird.

She is getting huge!

And she likes to say this... "huh mommy? huh? huh?"

It sounds annoying, but it is cute coming out of her mouth.

Um it is lame that I am sitting here by myself.

I guess I would not be if I could stop felling so weird.


I have other shit to say...but I can't get it out of my brain because I am not capeable of that right now.

Hola diary friend..

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